– Who Is Khalil Ahmed Biography

• Education and Researches
Ahmed Mahmoud Braih and known by his nickname revolutionary Ahmed Khalil ; He was born in June 1953 area TAN TAN south of Morocco, He’s a father of a girl and six boys.
He studied in several Moroccan cities;
He earned a degree in philosophy and master’s degree in social psychology from the University of Mohammed V in Fes,
He had several researches in science ,theology ,anthropology and religions as well as political thought and history.
He presented many social and intellectual researches in several universities across the world;
• Political Activities
Ahmed Mahmoud Braih engaged in the ranks of the Polisario Front fighters since he was a student in Moroccan universities within the branches and secret organization ” IL ALAMAM” between 1972 and 1974. 
he thrown in prison in 1974, where he was arrested with his companion, the martyr Hussein TAMEK who was died under the whips of torture. 
Ahmed Mahmoud Braih escaped from a Moroccan hospital after being brought influenced by the prison;
In 1977 ,he joined the camps of the Sahrawi refugees near Tindouf;

• Variety of positions
In the end of 1977, he assumed a variety of important and sensitive positions in Tindouf; among them:
the director of the newspaper-Saharian Free which were exported from Algeria in 1979; 
he was appointed deputy director of security in Sahrawi refugee camps early eighties until 1984, where he served as director of the Central national Radio of the Sahrawi Republic to be appointed a supplement to the media and security in Algiers.
He filled The post of general inspector of the Ministry of Education camps of Sahrawi refugees and then as a director and professor in the national frameworks school; 
• The Jail and Suffering
Until the end of the year 1992, he was arrested by the Polisario Front and thrown in jail rational terrible infamous and reputation on the back of his views criticize the policies stated in the Polisario and the way management of the camps. 
As a result ,the Polisario resided Ahmed Mahmoud Braih in his tent and unloaded him to complete many of the research and studies that have been carried out, 
In the end of 1998, he started his political action where he was appointed Director of the Department of media and incitement of the secretariat of the political branches to the front and remained engaged in his duties.
In 2005,he became a consultant presidency’s Human rights, in Rabouni‘s office which is a kind of mockery of human rights and called on the Polisario create an office abroad or at least in Algeria ;
since 2007, he lived in Algiers and remained there engaged in his duties and being his research and his contacts as a consultant for Human Rights;
until he was kidnapped at 06 January 2009 And remained unaccounted for more than three months until the Algerian authorities announced that they arrested him for investigation ,after many family’s investigations indicated that he may be in possession of security authorities. 
Since that time is languishing in prison without being able to family visits.
his family considered it unfair and under military trial took place in secret and mysterious circumstances. 
-Ahmed Braih‘s family directed an urgent appeal to all organizations, international human rights to interfere in order to disclosure about his fate and his release and as well as maintaining the integrity of his family members and provide them with protection to get to a safe

Urgent Call
To all International Organizations and Foundation Rights to intervene to a freedom the kidnapping Ahmed Mahmoud BRAIH

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