Letter from the nefew of Khalil Ahmed Braih

In the name of God the Most Gracious ,the Most Merciful 

, Dear people

.My name is Othman Braih. Kalil ahmed braih is my uncle
My father’s brother. I am in a very difficult situation, both mentally and physically, in my private life and therefore i cannot always be very actif in my uncle’s case. If I were in a healthy state I would certainly have done my best to contribute to this matter. Nevertheless, I am going to say something. My uncle was one of the founders and first brave who founded the polisario. He was a very educated man and someone who was very intellectual. Highly educated and courageous yet humble and loving.
People who know him speak highly of him. He has sacrificed his life to fight for justice and has his family and beloved mother
not seen for decades. Whatever rumors there are about him we know who he was and know what he was. Our son, brother, father and a good person …
And we do not need those who do not support us in this matter. Allah is the all-seeing, the all-knowing, and he is enough for us. And those who support and help us in this case their rewards belong to Allah.
Those who have wronged our uncle will one day get the bill if it is not in this world then it is in the other because Allah does not like injustice.
And to me, those people are cowards and not men. For us, Ahmed Khalil Braih is an example of a winner and he will always be.
And once again those who are behind his disappearance will get their bill sooner or later.

There is no power and no strength except with Allaah 

, Greetings from Belgium


- شارك المقال عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي :

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